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Teufelberger ringLOOP - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Teufelberger ringLOOP - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Teufelberger ringLOOP

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ringLOOP is highly abrasion resistant and easy to knot. Its movable high-quality ring is made of aluminium and supplied by DMM. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, ringLOOP can be used as a replacement part for multiSAVER and multiANCHOR as well as for a number of other applications, making it a must-have for all climbing arborists. TÜV has confirmed that the durability of ringLOOP is such that, after arresting a fall, it may be safely retained in service for the duration of an ongoing rescue.


    • Diameter - 8mm
    • Breaking strength [lbs]8,05/1621004700
    • Lengths - 350mm, 430mm
    • Ring diameter (internal) - 26mm