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The HAAS Velox - Skyland Equipment Ltd
The HAAS Velox - Skyland Equipment Ltd
The HAAS Velox - Skyland Equipment Ltd
The HAAS Velox - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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The HAAS Velox

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A fully integrated system, a bungee, tether and ascender all in one piece which operates below your hitch and only on one side. Climbing trees takes its toll on your body eventually, by using a system like the Velox your body will thank you for it in time as you have less wear on your arms allowing your legs to take up most of the hard work.

Velox is the newer version of the HAAS giving you a total of 30 inches on the bungee which allows for a smoother and faster ascent. The Velox can be used in any system whether you choose SRT or DDRT climbing styles.

The HAAS Velox has no setup as the bungee sits on top of the ascender and just goes with the length of stride you want, a child can use it straight after an adult, just pass it on!


  • Regular - Blue/Black - Foot goes into the loop. Patented design improves on the already ingenious HAAS® Ascent System by giving you an additional 18″ of bungee in the system for a total of 30
  • ClipNStep - Clips onto the boot, only boots with a loop can work with this i.e Arbortec Kayo, Arbpro Clip..
  • The popular Nylon HAAS® Velox System specially designed to clip into the ascent system foot loop on your Clip’N Step Boots
  • Climbing technology chest ascender
  • 30 inches of bungee
  • Zero setup
  • The short style is perfect for 5" tall climbers


  • For use with ropes of 8 - 13mm diameter
  • Chest ascender is CE Certified