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ART Positioner 2 with Swivel - Skyland Equipment Ltd
ART Positioner 2 with Swivel - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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ART Positioner 2 with Swivel

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  • Manufacturer: ART
When it comes to mechanical adjusters on lanyards the ART Positioner has become the climbers first choice since entering the market. It clearly represents state-of-the-art equipment.
The Positioner grabs the rope as soon as it comes under load. Contrary to conventionally used rope clamps the Positioner allows a reliable one-handed adjustment even under load.

The ergonomically formed release lever offers a comfortable handling.


  • The Positioner works with ropes of 11-13 mm in diameter as well as on steel core flip lines with a climbing rope cover.
  • All parts of the Positioner can be replaced.
  • Swivel and clutch with springs can be replaced on all previous models.