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Husqvarna T45X Strimmer Head - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Husqvarna T45X Strimmer Head

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A large, durable strimmer head recommended for 35cc-45cc machines. Recommended line size is 2.7-3.3mm


    • Pre-loaded with Husqvarna Strimmer line
    • Exclusively designed by Husqvarna the T45X trimmer head features a semi-automatic cord feed system “Tap’n go“
    • Ball-bearing resting surface for improved durability
    • Features developed for users with high demands on durability and minimized downtime
    • The trimmer line is fed automatically when the head is pushed into the ground
    • This means that the user always controls when the line is fed and the line can be fed while working with the machine

Fits Models: -

135R, 142RB, 142RJ, 143R, 143R-II, 152RB, 152RJ, 153R, 235FR, 235R, 235R-II,

236R, 240R, 241R, 243RJ, 250R, 253RB, 253RJ, 333R, 333RJ, 335FR, 335LS,

335LX, 335RJX, 335RX, 336FR, 336FRD, 343F, 343FR, 343FRM, 343R, 345FR,

345FX, 345FXT, 345RX, 355FRM, 355FX, 355FXT, 355RX, 353LS, 535RJ, 535RX,

535RXT, 543RS, 543RDX, 545FX, 545FXT, 545RX, 545RXT, 553RBX, 553RS,

555FRM, 555FX, 555FXT, 555RXT.

Plus many other models

Cord feed Semi-automatic
For straight shaft trimmers YES
Cord size 2.7 - 3.3 mm / 0.105 - 0.13 "
Fits engine size 45 cc
Ball-bearing YES
Thread M12
Inner diameter 1"

    • Optimised material combinations for prolonged lifetime.
    • For dense, coarse grass, but not for woody growth.