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Petzl Zigzag Plus - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Petzl Zigzag Plus - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Petzl Zigzag Plus - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Petzl Zigzag Plus - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Petzl Zigzag Plus - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Petzl Zigzag Plus - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Petzl Zigzag Plus

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The Petzl Zigzag Plus is a revolutionary mechanical prusik designed to make tree surgery and branch walking easier and more efficient. Its classic prusik pulley system creates smooth transitions from friction cord systems, while the mounted ball bearings allow you to take up slack easily. With the Zigzag, tasks like ascending and descending trees, and performing a balancing act while branch walking become effortless.



SRT - The Zigzag can now be used for SRT when coupled with the Petzl Chicane 



    • Intuitive to use:
    • - technique identical to a classic Prusik pulley system
    • - the device locks automatically on the rope once the friction chain extends
    • For efficient movement within the tree:
    • - rope feed is smooth and precise thanks to the release lever, allowing the user great control over the users movements. Adjusting the pressure on this lever controls the speed of movement
    • - easy to take up the slack, thanks to the pulley mounted on sealed ball bearings and the separated and curved side plates
    • - lower attachment hole with high-efficiency swivel ensures stable and correct positioning of the mechanical Prusik and optimal rope glide through the device
  • - for use on either doubled ropes or a single rope, thanks to the CHICANE accessory, which offers more friction on the descent, and the KNEE ASCENT assemblies, which facilitate the ascent
  • - upper attachment hole for the rope end when using a doubled rope or for the CHICANE auxiliary braking device when using a single rope. It has a flexible positioning ring that helps keep the connector oriented along its major axis
  • - auxiliary attachment hole for adding a ZILLON lanyard or connecting a second system
  • Durability:
  • - steel construction for improved durability
  • - separated and curved side plates for better wear resistance
  • Rope compatibility: 11.5 to 13 mm diameter
  • ZIGZAG PLUS allows the user to work in compliance with the ANSI Z133 standard


    • Material(s): aluminium, steel, nylon
    • Weight: 425 g
    • Rope compatibility: EN 1891 type A low stretch kernmantle ropes
    • Working load limit: 140 kg
    • Certification(s): CE