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ISC Rope Wrench - Double Tether - Skyland Equipment Ltd
ISC Rope Wrench - Double Tether - Skyland Equipment Ltd
ISC Rope Wrench - Double Tether - Skyland Equipment Ltd
ISC Rope Wrench - Double Tether - Skyland Equipment Ltd
ISC Rope Wrench - Double Tether - Skyland Equipment Ltd
ISC Rope Wrench - Double Tether - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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ISC Rope Wrench - Double Tether

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  • Manufacturer: ISC

The ZK -2 Singing Tree Rope Wrench (STRW) is manufactured and distributed worldwide by ISC.

What you get -

  • 1 x Rope Wrench
  • 1 x Double Tether

The rope wrench system is meant to be used by arborists servicing, accessing, or maintaining trees in conjunction with a Single Rope Technique (SRT) configuration. The rope wrench is a friction control device that allows a climber to ascend and descend a single rope without changing equipment.

The STRW enables Single Rope Technique (SRT) climbing, minimises slack in the system, ensures consistent friction, allows 1:1 efficiency, allows simple redirects and can easily be set up on multiple limbs. The ZK -2 model has rounded side plates and pins for minimal rope wear. It is fitted with a pulley wheel, to support the rope radius and minimise rope compression.

The Rope Wrench system has been third-party tested and certified by a Notified Body, to PPE ‘Regulation 2016/426’. The PPE Regulations Certification applies to the Rope Wrench system when used as detailed in the supplied User Manual. The ‘Rope Wrench + Tether’-only kits are available as spare parts for kit KT282 and are certified to the PPE Regulations, only when used as part of kit KT282.

The Rope Wrench system allows users to climb in compliance with the latest European best practice regulations. 

Testing Data

All configurations of the adjustment device and ropes fulfilled the requirements. It was possible to descend with all systems and to adjust the speed manually by the user. The dynamic tests showed a comparable result for all configurations. The test mass was held by the system after all dynamic tests. The brake distance was below 1m. All configurations withstand a static force of at least 12kN without slipping. With higher forces, it is possible that the adjustment device slips along the rope but stops again without any additional manual action. The force of 15kN was held for 3 minutes. The ‘Rope Wrench System’ fulfils all health and safety requirements of the PPE Regulation 2016/425 when setup and used according to the instructions for use.

During testing, a maximum weight of 120kg was used to meet the requirements of the testing including maximum impact forces. In the event of higher weights being used, it is possible for higher impact forces to be imparted on the user, and it is their responsibility to limit any fall distances that could generate these higher forces.


KT282- System fulfils the health and safety requirements of PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425
Notified Body having carried out the EU type test (Module B): TÜV AUSTRIA SERVICES GMBH (0408), Deutschstraße 10, 1230 WIEN, Austria

The notified body responsible for production monitoring and inspection (Module D): SGS Fimko Oy (0598), Takomotie 8 Helsinki, 00380.Finland.