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Yale Imori Spliced Rope - 11.7mm - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Yale Imori Spliced Rope - 11.7mm

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XTC IMORI (eee-mor-lee), meaning “Good Forest” in Japanese. This rope gives climbers all the advantages and characteristics of a lightweight 11.7mm rope but gives the feel of a 12.6mm rope in the hand.

Yale Cordage has developed and incorporated a new type of galvanized (textured) fibre into the rope structure which provides bulk, and therefore an enhanced grip for better ergonomics. This fibre is blended with a 100% solution-dyed filament polyester into the construction. This unique blend allows the fibres to be exposed on both the outer sheath and also on the inside of the sheath providing more friction to the inner core which helps to minimize excessive elongation while providing a superior unsurpassed grip for the climber.

YALE Cordage XTC IMORI is CE Certified to BS EN1891:1998 Standard Type A


  • 1 x Spliced eye
  • Diameter - 12mm
  • Double braided rope
  • EN1891 TYPE A