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                A chainsaw file is an essential tool in keeping your chainsaw in sharp and working order. A chainsaw is a key tool in arb, forestry and landscape industries, and, as it is used frequently, it can quickly show signs of wear and lose its sharpness – that’s why you will need to sharpen it regularly with files. At Skyland Equipment we offer a competitive selection of files, including files from specialist brands such as Vallorbe files and Oregon files.

                With files available to suit all preferences, at Skyland Equipment you will find flat files as well as round files. We also sell file handles made from wood and also file handles made from plastic – file handles allow you to get a firm grip on the file as you sharpen your chainsaw. To provide our customers with great value for money, you will find files available in a number of different quantities including 12 pack.

                As well as individual files, at Skyland Equipment we also offer chainsaw file kits. Each kit provides you with all of the necessary tools to maintain your chainsaw to a sharp and operational state. Make sure your kit includes a chainsaw file. Essential pieces of equipment, files such as Vallorbe files and Oregon files will ensure you maintain your chainsaw. At Skyland Equipment we offer files from leading brands that will cater to all preferences. Choose from packs of round files and flat files, or for a complete solution select one of our great value chainsaw file kits.

                Files (27)

                Oregon Round Chainsaw Files - 12 Pack


                Stihl Round Files - 6 Pack


                Oregon Chainsaw Sharpening Kit


                Husqvarna Round Files - 12 Pack


                Vallorbe Round Chainsaw Files - 12 Pack


                Oregon Round Chainsaw File - Single


                Stihl Saw Chain Flat File


                Oregon 6" Flat Files - 12 Pack


                Oregon Round Chainsaw File - 3-Pack


                Oregon Wooden File Handle


                Stihl 2-in-1 EasyFile


                Husqvarna Round File Handle

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